H&I studio creates custom contemporary music, carrying out a full production cycle - from composition to mastering. Part of our job is to create a professional audio component of a client's complex product. Our music is used in film, animation, advertising, media, audio branding, and events.

H&I About
Moreover, we love and know how to create music that is complete and can be performed independently. Its form can be anything from a children's song to a symphonic piece.

We work with stars who play leading roles in cutting-edge projects of Russian animation: Anton Komolov, Ivan Okhlobystin, Nikolay Drozdov, Garik Sukachev, Viktor Sukhorukov and other star-ranked professionals whose voices and their performing style need no introduction.

Our regular clients and partners are Soyuzmultfilm, Toonbox, Animos, Magic Factory, UMP, Ricky, Children's Radio.

H&I Faces
H&I Music
H&I composers write and arrange music for cartoons, movies and television. Our composers in tandem with a songwriter will create a custom song in any style.
H&I Studio
In our studio we record actors, re-record voice-overs for movies, record and arrange instrumental accompaniment, record vocals and instrument parts.

With us you can record any voice talent. We have a full-time recording, sound design and post-production team at your service.

H&I Sound
H&I Sound department provides sound services for music production and post-production services for visual media. We will edit the material from the film set, create sound-design, carry out necessary clean up and restoration of an audio-material, producing sound mix for film, TV and streaming standards. Working with music, we also provide instrumental and vocal editing, mixing and mastering services.
H&I Kids
H&I Kids works on creating high-quality modern children's music. We record instrumental music for animation. The composer and songwriter write an original song for a special occasion, taking into account the child's vocal abilities - so that the song can be sang by a child independently.

H&I Persons
H&I Director, Sound
I'm director and music producer at H&I. Studied music production and sound mixing at Berklee Online, also have a degree in management. Recorder my first music track at the age of 12 and never stopped making music since. I worked as a composer and sound mixer for various TV and Theatre productions, performed in successful Pop-Rock band. I really love to work with live instruments
H&I Producer, Composer
I'm executive producer at H&I. Composer and former teacher of Gnessin State Music Academy. Owned music labels, recorded eight albums, ten years lived and performed in Europe. As of right now I'm producing music for film and animation in our production house at H&I music.
H&I Sound
I'm composer and sound designer. Studied music at the Gnessin school of music and later got my bachelor degree in audio engineering from Liverpool John Moores University. I love working with sound and produce music, whether it be a sound design for animation piece, or music production for visual media.
H&I Composer
I live and work in Los Angeles. Graduated from the best film music program at the University of Southern California (USC). I write music for films, have released several albums, and do full post-production on film sound. I am the exclusive orchestrator of Deep Forest, collaborating with famous film composers - Aaron Zigman, Christopher Young, Peter Bernstein.
H&I Author
I am an actor and songwriter. I studied in St. Petersburg, but live and work in Moscow, where I write songs and play in my own band "Stanislavsky System". In addition to my 45 songs I wrote the lyrics for the cartoon series "SEALs, go ahead" and songs for two performances of the children's theater "Snark".
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